#463 Frankie

ADOPTED by The McVeigh Family

Frankie #463

This is Frankie. Frankie was rescued from a shelter in Mexia,TX. Prior to that she was owned by a hoarder that had 67 other dogs. Frankie was very shy when her foster family first brought her home and she was very reluctant to even come inside the house. After about a week of being in her new foster home, she has become a bright, shining star. She is such a sweet, gregarious, and fun loving girl who just wants to please.
Frankie is doing extremely well with both her foster siblings; one of her foster siblings just wants to be left alone, and Frankie respects that. The other foster sibling, however, loves to wrestle and play – so these two get involved in some epic play sessions together. Frankie is very good with other dogs. She is great with people too, but is a little shy when first meeting. Her foster family has not had the chance to see her interact with cats or kids. However, due to her friendly nature, it’s hard to imagine she’d be anything but sweet and loving.
Frankie’s foster family is working with her on training like sit, down, stay, etc. She is potty trained and has not had even one accident in the house! Frankie is also crate trained; she loves sleeping in her crate at night. She’s a very independent girl too. Without prompting, Frankie likes to seek out her crate throughout the day and take refreshing naps. Frankie is a calm dog by nature – no anxiety that the foster family has observed with the exception of car rides – she is still getting a little used to that; in the car she does a little panting from nervousness. Her foster family is working on making car rides a fun experience.

Frankie had a rough start to her first one year in this world. It’s easy to see she is so grateful to be in a warm home with lots of toys, food/treats, and love and affection.

Frankie is 1 of 67 dogs rescued from a hoarding seizure. She was rescued 1/20/2018. She is estimated to be one year old, weighs 41 lbs. Frankie is a spayed female.

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