#679 Elm, Male, Puppy

Hello! Look at us now! Big, long and handsome as ever!
We are the remaining Willow pups and we want to find out FUREVER homes.
We are around 5 months old now, roughly 38lbs and just the sweetest boys you’ll ever meet.
We play well with others, we are the more submissive type so If you have a bossy dog, maybe we could be friends?
We are crate trained, we just hate going in and when we need out to potty…we need out!
We are also house trained! Throw that dog stain remover away, we got this down to an art!
Foster mom says we are like bunny rabbits! The jumping and the hoping over our foster siblings makes her laugh.
We like to play chase with each other and we also like to remove the insides from fluffy toys (hehehe!)
Please help us find our own forever homes, we want cuddles, toys and loves. That’s all! Our other brothers and sisters found homes and we hear how good it is, we would be just as good and cute, we promise!