#787, Male, Adult

Say hello to Dovehound, a 5-7 year old neutered Mini Aussie who is ready to be your best friend! Dove is the most affectionate dog you will ever meet, his goal in life is to be on your lap, next to you, or near your feet as much as humanly possible! If you aren’t available, he is very happy to find another furry friend such as a cat or dog to go cuddle up with.

Dove is friendly and confident with all people, cats, and dogs. He tries to play tug with his 65 lb foster siblings but they overwhelm him a bit since he is only 15 lbs. He is dog-neutral and does very well around big dogs who aren’t too rough with him.

He is pretty calm for an Aussie, but will need daily exercise and maybe a weekend adventure. Dove enjoys slow walks where he can sniff, hiking, and jogging, and would probably excel at dog sports! In his current foster home he has been learning to go over agility jumps and is a very fast learner. He is very smart and highly food and toy motivated. He is house trained and good in his crate.

Doesn’t he sound perfect? With all of this going for him, Dove does have one drawback that needs to be addressed. He is what’s called a Double Merle, which is when two Merle colored dogs are carelessly bred together. The reason we don’t want Double Merles is because each puppy has a 25% chance to come out deaf, blind, or both! Due to his poor breeding, Dove is mostly or completely deaf, and has something called a Coloboma in both eyes. His deafness doesn’t hinder his ability to be a normal dog, other than not being able to be recalled verbally. The Colobomas make him sensitive to light, which can be easily fixed by having him wear Doggles! He will need to have his eyes checked from time to time for the rest of his life to ensure his vision is clear!

Dove’s ideal home is one where he can get a daily walk or run in, or some other fun source of exercise. He needs to go to a home with a dog or kitty friend who will enjoy snuggling with him when you aren’t available. Preferably, all kids will be over the age of 8 so they can be gentle with him since he is so small. Dove is an amazing dog who is searching for his perfect home!

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