#668 Dorian, Female, 4.5 Months Old

Dori here. My foster parents tell me they named me for a hurricane – Dorian. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I am so energetic and full of myself. I can’t help it, I just LOVE life.

I love everyone especially my foster sister Tess who will wrestle with me. My big Mama foster sister Lexi doesn’t like me herding her. But I just can’t help my self. It is so much fun.

Actually everything is fun. I love to sit and down for treats. I love to eat almost everything including carrots, celery and even a dill pickle slice, although it’s not my favorite.

I also love to run after a ball and bring it back although I still don’t know why they take it from me each time. I also love a good tug of war.

The vet says I’m about 22 pounds and about 4.5 months old. He says I will be about 30-35 pounds. I have all my shots, but I am not spade yet. Mom says we are waiting for my bones to close, whatever that means.

I am happy to be on your lap…well actually anyone’s lap. I am a little nervous when I hear new noises, but I love to ride in the car and I walk well on a lease. I also know how to climb stairs.

I need a job or a brother or sister. If not, I will demand your full-time attention. I love my kennel where they feed me and I sneak into during the day for an afternoon nap. I also will nap under the bed if allowed.

I can really run and really jump. So they say I am athletic. I thought I was mostly a border collie, but maybe I’m part athletic. Anyway my ears are always at attention.

I would love to have a permanent home before Christmas so I could meet all of your family.

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