#417 Dianne

ADOPTION PENDING with The Clement Family

#417 Dianne, Female, Senior, Special Needs

We have never seen a Border Collie in worse shape than Dianne. She is skin and bones, no muscle tone and little to no coat, likely due to neglect.

Dianne is a survivor. She is an older girl, totally blind and somehow wondered up to her rescuers home in Hinton OK with the last bit of energy she had. Near deaths door, her face told her story of immediate need. Because of those rescue angels, Dianne was provided immediate care and then rushed to Texas for the additional care and love she needed.

Surprisingly Dianne is in relatively good health despite her appearance. She was dehydrated, emaciated and suffering from a severe flea allergy. She is heartworm negative and is on the road to recovery. Because of the weather changing, Dianne wears various sweaters and Pjs to help keep her warm as we help her heal.

She has a great appetite and eats 4-6 meals a day. She is wobbly on her feet due to lack of muscle and unsure of her surroundings but each day she is improving and moving more. She has even given her foster parents a gentle tail wag to say thanks!

Dianne has a long road ahead of her and we encourage everyone to continue to follow her recovery via our Facebook page.