#425 Diamond


Diamond, a four year old bengal cat mix has been fostered with BCRR since October. She is being sponsored, so her adoption fee is $0.00 for Alumni families and $50.00 for anyone outside the group.

Diamond is extremely intelligent, communicative, and sweet. She loves to cuddle up with you and be wherever you are. She currently lives with a border collie, an Australian Shepherd, and another cat.

She is litter box trained. She will even tolerate being put on a harness and leash and walked.

She was initially a little overweight when we got her, but she has cut her weight down and has become more active. She likes to play with cat toys and generally has a fantastic disposition.

At the Border Collie Rescue and Rehab adoption events, she walks on a leash, and she is perky and alert even around all the dogs. She generally handles every situation with grace.

She loves to cuddle and be cuddled by her humans. Other than that, she spends time playing with toys or finding hidden places to sleep. She loves to sleep in boxes, baskets and drawers. She will even open them if they are closed.

She is litter trained and currently uses a breeze litter system, but she has used regular litter in the past.

Would Diamond make a good addition to your family?