#652 Daffy, Female, 1-2 Years Old

Hello! My name is Lady Daffodil, but you can call me Lady or Daffy!  I am around 18 months-2 years old, a real lady never discusses age! I’m young at heart, and love to play with my furry furbs at my foster home. I met the kitty and we talked and went our own ways. I was never taught any manners, but I do catch on very quickly. My ideal home would be someone who loves to have me by their side all the time. I love and need all the attention. I will be your best friend and never let you down. I love bones, oh my goodness bones, bones, bones. Toys are ok, but bones make me so happy! I can be a little herdy and tend to be a follower with my behaviors, so I need you to be firm and loving with me. I will work for food, and am currently eating three times a day because I was so skinny and hungry. I’m still very hungry but I don’t scarf down my food as quickly, so my foster mom thinks I’ll be on two meals a day soon. I would love to go running and be active with my new humans but also would love to cuddle in bed! If I sound like the girl for you, send in an application for me!