#747 Colt, Male, Young

Hi! I’m COLT and I am a happy, healthy 11 pound, 4 month old pup who is all legs! I love to run and bounce and play.

I love to play with dogs, and because I’m young, I don’t have all the dog-cues figured out yet. I can be a little too playful if another dog is not used to puppy energy!  I’m not too sure about cats or little people! I like them but I’m a puppy and think jumping to play is how it is supposed to be done. I’d probably be better with children older than 8. My future home will have to keep an eye on my legs as they develop.

I’m a little nervous in the car but more short car rides will help me adjust to the idea! I sleep all night in my cozy crate. I like to eat in there, too.

I like people a lot and snuggling is about the greatest thing in the world. I love chew toys and bouncy toys and chew bones. I’m a happy dog – I like everything! I am mostly potty trained, but I do piddle a little when I’m too excited (or scared).

My bladder will get stronger and that will help. Being around more nice people who know how to handle sweet, sensitive pups will help a lot, too! I don’t have very much experience with leash walking yet and am learning to sit and lay down for treats. I haven’t figured out how to stay yet – because when I see you, I want to be with you! I’m smart, so I’m sure I’ll figure it all out as I get a little bit older.

I might want to be an athletic dog, but we’ll have to wait and see how my legs grow to see if that’s a good idea. In the meantime, normal puppy playing and short walks is great!

I will probably not be a very big pup. My mom and dad are both small Border Collies. Mom is 28 pounds, Dad is 35 pounds. I’ve been away from my dog family for a few weeks now and have adjusted just fine.

I’m ready to find my forever family. If that might be you, please submit an application at BCRRT.COM.