#827 Clark, Male, Puppy

Hi, my name is Clark, and I am a precious, fuzzy, uber-smart 2 ½ month old puppy living the life with my foster parents and big dog brothers in Plano, TX. Last month, I was just sitting on a median in Plano minding my own business when a Good Samaritan picked me up, rescuing me from the upcoming storm. No owner was located, so I quickly became part of the BCRRT family.
After the first week with my fosters, I was crate-trained, 95% house-trained, and learned commands of Sit, Down, Come, Paw, Other Paw. I am also not too shabby on the leash!
Remember how I said I was smart?! I’ll actually do anything for treats! Around the house, I often hear the phrases of “food motivated,” “quick learner,” and “piggy-pie.” I think that last one is a bit harsh, but I guess you have to call it like it is.
My likes are FOOD, cuddling, naps, wrestling with the big dogs, chew toys, and food. My dislikes include . . . well, I can’t think of any, as I said before, I’m living the life. Well, I’m not a fan of baths, to be an honest puppy. I’m only 13#, but be prepared to get as wet as me!
The vet estimates my birthdate as 6/23/20, and I was given a clean bill of health at my first check-up! My second set of puppy shots are next week, and then I will be available to cuddle in your lap and eat your food.