#699 Charlie, Male, 1 Year Old

My name is Charlie (formerly known as Butch)! I am about a year old now, but I don’t seem to have the stereotypical high levels of energy that most puppies do. Don’t get me wrong, I love going on walks and chasing squirrels in the yard, but I don’t constantly run circles around the house. I would love to find a home with another doggy brother or sister for me to have as a playmate. (I am very well-bonded with my brother Cooper who is being adopted into his forever home later today.) My foster mom tells me that I’m from Kaufman county where a woman picked me (and my brother Cassidy) up as strays. I currently live in Plano where I am awaiting my own forever home.

I’m a smart boy, always watching and learning from the rest of my family members. I learned how to use the doggy door from watching my sisters do it a couple of times. (My mom didn’t even have to teach me how!) I get along well with other dogs (boys and girls) and human children, too. I do not like shouting, so please give me a place to run and hide if you are watching the Cowboys lose on Sunday. I know how to come, sit, get in (the car), and I’m so calm and patient during bath time. If you don’t stay on top of keeping my water bowl full, you may find me sneaking off to drink out of your toilet!

BTW: I look SO handsome in a bandana.