#645 Casper, Male, Under Six Months

Hi!! My name is Casper and I’m right around 3 months old. When I was first born, I didn’t think I had a bad life. I had a momma and a nice man who gave us food. After a few weeks I started to feel very sick and I had to do something. I couldn’t let my brother or I suffer another day. One day it was raining and there were three trucks driving down my back country road. My heart told me to jump in front of the last truck. She stopped in the middle of the road to pick me up. Right then, she promised me I was safe. She rushed me to an emergency after hours vet and made an appointment with the regular vet for the next day. I tried to tell her to go back to where she found me. I was so worried about my brother and I didn’t want him to suffer. She followed her heart and found my brother, Ghost who was in worse shape than me. She scooped up my brother and was floored at the condition he was in. We both went to the vet and our outlook wasn’t very promising. We were very sick and needed a lot of medical help. We had ear mites, round worms, a possibility of ring worms and of all that with our eye issues, we were told we have coccidia. My foster mom kept us warm. She loved us, gave us yummy food and gave us the change we needed to grow and learn love.
Since our gotcha date, we have recovered from the ear mites, the ring worm never showed up, the round worms and the coccidia was gone!!! Given our medical history, our vet was worried we would have feline leukemia. Mom stayed strong and already had a plan B for us If we did. The test came back NEGATIVE!!!! And the better news is that the vet is confident we are healthy enough to start getting shots! He wants to wait until we are 5 months old before we get neutered … what ever that means. The vet is concerned that we will be completely blind and that the eyes may rupture later on down the road. But momma says she thinks we can see. Even if it’s blurry, she’s sure we can see something.
A little about me!!! I’m a Siamese. I’m a little timid but I warm up quickly. I love to climb, explore , pester my brother and playing with toys are THE BEST!!! I had no idea there was such things as a toy!!! And when mom takes a nap I like to lay on top of her and keep watch to make sure she’s safe. I have been an outside explorer all my life so I love to go out and play in the grass but I don’t like staying out long and I really want my brother and mom to be out there with me. I’m littler box trained and I don’t have any complaints about dinner mom shares with me. I’m good with dogs, even if they eat my I do really enjoy playing with my brother. Sometimes I play a little to hard and I need mom to help me settle back down and play nicer.
My brother and I have had a very hard start to life. I would love to find a forever home with my brother and myself. We adapt to new surroundings easily . If you can’t adopt us please consider donating towards our vet care. We are currently in Cypress TX living with a child, 2 cats, a crazy border collie and a mom and dad. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to my foster mom at 936-232-5270. She texts faster than she answers phone calls.
One last thing, I want to thank the Border Collie rescue who stepped in to take my
Brother and I and get us the medical care we very much needed. I know a lot of you might have questions about our eye sight. Currently, our eyes are no causing pain or infections. We are praying it will stay that way.