#611 Cardi, Female, Under One Year

Cardi, BC with personality and speed
Cardi loves you already — and you’ve only just met through a picture. She loves other dogs and tends to herd them.
Her polished and glossy black coat is accented with white feet, a white blaze and that darn cute curled tail that insists on flying full mast at all times.
This eight-month old, petite girl has a lot of love to give and she gives it all the time. She would do well as an only dog, but as long as her mates don’t mind herding she will delight in having roommates.
Her background makes her want to be close to you at all times. You don’t have to be worried that she will run away, instead you have to be willing to have your lap full every time you sit down.
She has speed, lots of speed. She would be a good running partner. She has a second gear that would be great in luring, herding or agility.
Weighing in at around 25 pounds, she is very small, easy to transport and willing to travel all the time.
What a smile!!! It lights up a room. She may momentarily snarl at strangers, but will easily let them pet her and show her beautiful whole-mouth smile.
Her background as a stray, makes her uncertain in new surroundings, but she warms up quickly and shows signs of overcoming that shyness once she is sure that she won’t be abandoned.
She came to rescue with a nasty case of kennel cough, but is completely healthy now.
We are working on a few commands, but loves her kennel. She eats and sleeps there. Prefers a toy be included, however. She even takes naps on her own in the kennel.
Very smart and hates to be wrong. Doesn’t like scolding and you only have to tell her once. She doesn’t want to be a “bad” girl, instead she craves your approval.
Don’t wait too long to claim her. She is ready and willing to be a full-time resident of her forever home.