#643 Blue, Male, Under One Year

Hi! My name is Blue and I am a very special boy! Both of my parents were merle Aussies so that makes me a “double merle”. I cannot hear and I have limited vision in one eye but that does not slow me down. I also have a superpower…. I can make anyone smile! I am a big goofball who loves to play and to cuddle. I am an 8 month old full Aussie. I am a little clingy but my mom is teaching me what a crate is and how I can feel safe in it. I am pretty easy going so you can take me anywhere! I get along with everyone, people, kids, cats, dogs, and even chickens! I tried chasing one of my moms chickens once just to see what they were and after my mom caught up with me she told me no and I have not chased them since. Same thing with her cat too. I still watch the cat longingly and want to play with her so badly but my mom said no, so I am staying away. I learn extremely quickly. I already know several signs! If you make the “food” hand signal I lick my lips and run to the kitchen 🙂 I am working on “sit” and “stay”. I already figured out the “no” and “outside” signs too. I love playing with my foster siblings but I do have very strong herding instincts. So if something runs I will chase them. Sometimes I will nip their necks to get them to get going and run some more! They get a little annoyed but I have so much fun! I might be best in a home with a more relaxed dog who wont get mad when I want to play. I do need to be with another dog unless you are planning on staying with me all the time 🙂 I need company. When I am alone I get scared because I cannot hear anything. I love to sleep on the bed with my human foster sister (10 year old). She has nicknamed me “Hey Hey” like the chicken from Moana (you will have to look that one up) but since I have never seen Moana I don’t mind 🙂

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