#826 Birdie, Female, Young

If you’re looking for a playful companion that also knows how to cuddle, Birdie is your girl. She is a routine oriented gal, and with proper training could easily be a working dog. Birdie is smart and witty, and has easily learned the basic commands sit, shake, down, roll over, drop it, leave it, and is making progress on “stay”. Stay is a work in progress because there isn’t a human she’s ever met that is a stranger. She loves people maybe a little too much, and has a hard time being away. In the couple weeks with her foster family she has gained some independence on her own and can now lie in a different room by herself. The biggest challenge for Birdie will be to overcome her separation anxiety. When she transitions into her forever home, Birdie will need immediate and dedicated training to address this. She is housebroken trained to ring a bell to go out. Birdie is crate trained for nights, and easily goes in for bedtime.

At 40 lbs, Birdie might be a little too big and active for families with small children, although she would be fine under close supervision. Her clumsiness and excitement for toys might cause some accidental bumps and falls. Her age is estimated to be about 11 months, and her behavior is easily modified with proper training. Birdie has the most perfect set of teeth ever seen on a dog.

There are a couple types of perfect homes for Birdie. Because she is active, she would do great in a home with a runner or walker. She is active in the morning and late afternoon, perfect times for long walks or jogs. The other type of home that would be great is one with a decent sized yard or close proximity to a dog park. She has some toy drive and likes some space to get up to top speed (which is fast!). Birdie gets along with dogs of all sizes at the dog park, and could really benefit from having another dog to show her the ropes of your home.

Outside of her morning and late afternoon activity, the rest of the day she is low key and enjoys chewing on bones, entertaining herself with toys, and napping. By evening, its cuddle time! She waits for an invitation to join you on the couch or chair, and her squishy skin and silky coat make for the best cuddle puddle you can imagine.