#809 Bing, Male, Less Than 1 Year Old

Are you looking for a swimming buddy and maybe even a future dock-diving competitor? How about just a good pal to chum around and share your day?  Then Bing is your boy. Bing is a young, BC mix with an estimated birthdate of March 1, 2020.  Currently, at almost 5 months of age, he weighs 28 lbs.  The shelter told us Bing’s mom was a full border collie and due to his love of water and size his foster thinks Bing might be a BC/Lab mix.

Bing is sweet and very people oriented. He loves being held and will crawl in your lap—sometimes when you least expect it!  He enjoys air conditioning and is often content just playing with a toy beside his family.

In his foster home, Bing is doing great with housebreaking as well as learning other household manners.  He is a smart boy.  Bing is very food motivated so training him is easy and fun. He enjoys his crate and sleeps quietly overnight.

Although Bing is calm for a puppy, when excited he can play rough with other dogs, so tolerant-playful dogs would be the best dog companions. Since Bing is still teething and may jump up with excitement, a home with older children would be best. (We would also consider homes with well-supervised children and dog-savvy parents.) Bing would do fine in an adult only home and as an only dog as long as appropriate play and training outlets were provided. Bing would love having at least occasional access to water for a swim. (Bing LOVES the water. )

Bing’s ideal home would have someone home most of the day and most importantly, someone committed to investing the time needed to train a puppy to become a valued family member.

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