#533 Bert


#533 Bert, Male, Under Six Months

I’m Bert and one of 4 babies rescued from a cardboard box left on the side of a Houston highway.

While my past is not very clear, I know my future is very bright. You see I’ve grown a lot during the past 5 weeks. I’ve also learned many new things like walking on a leash, doggie door and sit. I also know my name.

I am not quite 3 months old, but my foster mom tells me I’m real smart. I am really pretty quiet compared to my brother. I just love to cuddle and love to play. I like balls and tug of war the best.

I can figure out how to do things and can solve several doggie puzzles.

What I need now is a forever family. I love everyone and I’m still learning so I need someone to teach me even more new things.

They tell me I weigh 16 pounds, and I have to admit I really like that baby milk formula and puppy chow. I’m almost potty trained and like the doggie door which I learned after one try when I was only a 4 week old baby.

Are you available?

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