#542 Bella

#542 Bella, Female, Under Six Months

I am BELLA! My name means “BEAUTIFUL” and my foster mom tells me every day how beautiful I am! I am about 10 weeks old and my vet says I’m in good shape even though I was dumped in wild country, a little TLC will take me all the way to even more beautiful! I am brave and strong. I play hard with my host dog Sadie who is a lot bigger than me! I l don’t mind my crate and go in easily whenever Foster Mom asks me to. I love to sleep ALL NIGHT LONG in a crate in Foster Mom’s room. I am doing great with potty training and am even asking at the door when I want to go out to play. I love to eat, and bounce, and learn things. I can be a tiny bit timid when I meet new people but that only lasts a minute until I know they are nice then I am ready to be best friends! I think I would like children when I get to meet some, and know I like other dogs! I know I am tiny (under 10 lbs) and may not grow to be as big as some of my friends, but I’m beautiful and super smart and my eyes are gorgeous and I am very loving, so being small does not bother me! I am just days away from being ready for my forever home and I can’t wait!
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