#620 Baylee

#620 Baylee, Female, Under Six Months

Hi! My name is Baylee and I am one playful puppy! I am a female, Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix who was left outside in the yard with my siblings before being rescued. They say I am about 9 weeks old. I visited the Dr office this week. Doc says I’m healthy and I weighed just under 10 lbs!
I have so much energy (duh, I am a puppy) and I want to play all day! I am being crate trained — and my FM (that’s short for “foster mom”) says that it is going well, most of the time. When I want out, I can be demanding! I’m learning to play with my foster siblings and trying really hard not to jump on them to get their attention! ? I am working on potty training, as well as learning some new commands and hand signals. I’m a smart girl. I’ve learned “Sit” so far – pretty good for 5 days!
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