#478 Arrow

ADOPTED by The Wisch/Wordon Family

Two sweet MINI Border Collie mixes… Ace & Arrow. This sweet boy is Arrow!

Ace & Arrow are two tiny boys who came to us from the same shelter, at the same time! They were originally thought to be puppies, due to their short stature, but after visiting the vet, they are estimated to be adults at around 4 or 5 years old. Arrow is a small boy, weighing in at 17 lbs.

Arrow (black & white) is a bit shorter of the two. He is a little bit skittish initially but will warm up. We wonder if he had a bad experience in his past, because he does shy away a little bit but we’re confident this can be worked on once he learns what a loving home is truly like! He is also dog friendly. He’s got the cutest fluffy ears that you will just want to nuzzle up to.

Ace and Arrow both came to us from the animal shelter in Robstown, TX. The ACO said they seen playing together, and came right running right to him.

When we got a hold of these babies they were in deplorable condition, COVERED in countless ticks and fleas, infested with worms, and had an awful pungent odor. They were so filthy that the white part of their fur is stained, and we are still working on getting it back to its original color. Our best guess is that these boys lived the first part of their lives in someone’s back yard. They are not yet house trained, but their foster homes are both working on that with them.

Keep checking back for more updates as we get to know more about these cuties’ personalities!!!

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