#623 Archer, One Year Old

Archer, an 18 month old Border Collie, is quite the handsome fellow with a sweet and fun personality! He’s a toy box raider, loving to search for his favorites to play with. He is learning to play with toys with a human, instead of by himself. Archer adores attention, and would much prefer a good session of loving over working for food. He knows how to “sit”, will “down” following a doggy cookie, and is learning to “wait” before coming in/out of doors and his crate in vehicles. He also rides well crated in a vehicle.

Archer will give the BC eye to his neighbor’s outside cat, but does call off of it very easily. He has met several women and a few men and has been very friendly with all. He is just starting dog introductions, does very well with his foster mom’s young female, and respects her older grouchy girl.

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