#419 Tazzy

UPDATE: One of our volunteers fell in love with Tazzy, quirks and all. She will be adopting Tazzy as soon as she is deemed healthy and adoptable. Thanks for all those who have shown interest! If you are interested in becoming an approved applicant or volunteer with us, please visit our Website to get started. Interested volunteers, complete the Foster Volunteer Application found under the Ways to Help tab! Interested adopters, visit https://bcrrt.com/adoption.


This red beauty, Tazzy, is about 3.5 months old. She spent her first month away from Mom as an outside dog with little human contact. She is learning house training and mastered the doggie door on the first try.

She recently survived a bout with parvo, and has only been home two days. She’s submissive, sweet, and beginning to learn the sounds and general household noises. She is still incredibly shy. She loves to play with other dogs, but is not very people oriented yet.

Tazzy loves her kennel. It is her safe zone. She is smart and vocal…enforcing my belief that really smart dogs often talk a lot.

It will be at least four to six weeks before her real personality shows. Also, she can infect other puppies and environments with Parvo for another six weeks.

Right now she is having trouble mixing with my herd. When they reject her, she slinks to the porch and looks depressed. Again, she’s only be cleared of parvo for a couple of days, and with her background, it will just take time for her to co-mingle.

Tazzy will not be available for adoption for at least another two months. If you are interested, not just for her looks 😉 then please visit our Website to complete an Adoption Application. She has a lot of struggles to work through, and we need an adopter to understand that. Thank you