#812 Birdie, Female, 6 Months – 1 Year Old

Hi, I’m Birdie! I am a beautiful, sweet red border collie pup. I weigh 40 pounds, and the vet guessed that I was anywhere between 6-12 months old. My calm demeanor makes me seem more mature than my puppy age. I wandered onto a ranch in Gilmer, TX; the property owner tried to locate my home but had no luck. Fortunately, I was rescued! The vet gave me a clean bill of health, and I was recently spayed and vaccinated.

I can be shy at first and may get a little spooked at new, loud sounds, but I warm up to new people and dogs very quickly. I have loved meeting and playing with a variety of dogs of different genders, ages, and sizes. I have not been around cats or children while in my foster home, so I would need to be exposed with care when first meeting. I do have a tendency to jump when excited, so I may be better suited for families with older kids.

I love playing fetch and tug of war with another dog, just as much as I love snuggling up on the couch. I enjoy going on daily walks, but I don’t require as much exercise as some border collies do — did I mention I love napping? I am very affectionate with people; I will show you how much I love you by putting my head in your lap and rolling on my back for a belly rub. Because I want to be close to you, I can get a little anxious when left alone at home in my crate. I have no problem sleeping in my crate at night, but I have been able to escape my crate when left at home. I will need help feeling comfortable and safe in a new home.

An ideal family for me would be one that will be able to show me lots of love, continue basic training (or beyond), and ensure I have regular play and exercise time. I am potty trained, although I have had another dog to show me the ropes, so I should be shown where to go to the bathroom when I first arrive in my new home. I come when called and know ‘sit’ and ‘down’ but need practice with ‘stay’ and ‘off’. I have gotten better at leash walking while at my foster home, but I need to be reminded not to pull when interested in something. The only time I have chewed on things I shouldn’t is when I haven’t had a walk yet in the morning and I get bored waiting.

Overall, I am a very sweet dog who will make a great addition to any home, whether with other dogs or as a solo pet. I will shower my new family with affection. I am gentle, yet playful and on my way to being a very well-behaved girl.