#801 Freckles, Female, Young

If you want a smaller pup, then Freckles may be perfect for you. She is thought to be a miniature Australian Shepherd – red and white with beautiful green eyes.

She is likely to weigh less than 30 pounds. She is about six months old and has the sweetest personality possible. If you go outside to get the paper, she acts like she hasn’t seen you in a year when you return. She does well with 2 border collies and 2 Australian Shepherds. We had a kitten briefly and she was more curious than aggressive.

Freckles never has a bad day. Despite being nipped by the older dogs when she gets a little too much in their faces, she doesn’t hold it against them. There is a lot of wrestling and zooming. Did I mention that she has a lot of energy?

We live on a lake and the waves are still scary. She has very cute ways and she makes us laugh a lot. She is very busy, so if you aren’t going to be home much she better have a companion dog and chew toys. She also should not be left alone in a house without being kenneled. Probably 80 percent of the time she is fine. But boredom leads her to chew on pillows, rugs, furniture legs etc. She will be fine over time, but now is not the time to totally trust her.

She needs at least one companion dog. This pup has boundless energy. She wants to play, romp or do the zoomies. She does sleep well in her kennel at night. She is very food motivated and very smart. She can learn anything in a few minutes, once you have her attention.

She is a puppy and the new owner will need some training time so she can learn what is expected. Even though she is not afraid of anything, she is very shy around new people. Once she figures out you “are her people” your family will not be an issue. But strangers coming to the door are considered “bad.”

Because we have had COVID, we have not been able to socialize her like we would have liked. She does walk on a leash and knows, sit, down and stay and the doggie door. Okay she knows stay and will stay about 3 seconds. She is very much puppy and her attention span is still short.

She is very fast and smart. Because she is so food motivated, we think she would be a great agility, obedience, and/or nosework dog. Or she will be a great cuddle bunny as well.

But as a puppy, she has moments of chewing on things that don’t belong to her. Despite our best efforts, she is still jumping up when she is excited (re-read coming in from getting the paper). She is much better, but she still is very much a puppy. I think she may be in the puppy stage for another six months or so. She just loves life!!!

Her back story is that she was bred by a miniature Australian breeder who breeds for merles. She and a sister were taken to a vet school to be put down because “they weren’t the right color.” She is gorgeous with mascara lined green eyes. The vet school took the two pups and they were sent to foster homes.