Smooch is ranch ready and looking for love! This sweet boy is a road rescue from The Balcones canyonlands and currently resides in Austin, TX. A purebred border collie, he has spent the last year recalibrating and relearning to feel safe and confident. Now, he needs a job and a shepherd!

⚡️ This pooch (about 2 years old, 43lbs, fixed) is a snuggle bug, super smart, obedient, does really well off leash and has that natural border collie drive. More treat driven than toy oriented, he would be great in a home with a lot of structure, adventure time, brain games and compassionate understanding. He would be a good candidate for agility or sniffer stuff, and shows a natural herding instinct (though he’s not an ankle biter in the house).

🦋Because he does have some fear-based reactivity, separation anxiety and has nipped when provoked/scared/defensive, he would do best in a home with an experienced dog owner, without kids (he does good with our cat and is typically amazing with other dogs) and with positive/balanced reinforcement training. He does good with beeper training, does not do well with aggressive men, is weary of men in hats and more shy around most men in general.

🌻After rescuing him, I committed to a one year foster to see if I had what it takes to give him the happiest and best life. My partner and I are planning on having a child in the next year or two, and because I’m recognizing the amount of structure and attention needed for Smooch to be his happiest, it’s becoming clear that he needs a bit more space, love/play/brain game time and an experienced human friend to be his forever buddy. He’s very committed to his human and would be great with a female and no younger children.

🌟This amazing dogboy would be great for someone experienced with border collies, a behaviorist/trainer who loves the underdog stories, or someone who’s got a farm/ranch and can give him a job/training but is VERY compassionate to his sweet, sensitive and emotionally adept nature.

Please contact Diana, Austin, TX, 360-556-0975,