Max was rescued from the side of a very busy road in May of 2019. He appears to have spent most or all of his life outside roaming. He is in need of a family with time to continue working with him and who has lots of love and patience to give. He needs a large, secure, fenced In area to run and play or should be kept on a leash until he learns more basic commands. Since he was rescued, he has been trained to sleep in a crate and sit. His herding instinct is strong and he loves to fetch any ball or stick you can throw! Max is very loving with people and kids. He does not do well with cats and would need to be introduced slowly to other furry family members. He is approximately 2 1/2 years old, has been neutered and is up to date on shots and flea and tick prevention. If you can help us find Max his forever home, we would be so grateful!


Name: Jennifer Green
Phone Number: (405) 401-2964
Dog’s Name: Max
Dog’s Location: Jones, OK