My name is Susan Webb. I have wanted to adopt an older Border Collie for sometime but have not been successful. We adopted our first BC in 1996 and after her death adopted another rescue BC who died one year ago. I have wanted to adopt an adult female for several months but have been unsuccessful as the rescue organizations either have onerous requirements such as raw food only or (I suspect) age limitations.
Last week a “ten week” old BC female was picked up by animal control and ended up at the Harris County Animal Shelter. I adopted her the day she was spayed and have been treating her for worms and an upper respiratory infection under a vet’s supervision.
She is food driven, quick learner, affectionate, and probably a good candidate for agility training.
If you are interested in finding her a forever younger family I would be happy to continue to sponsor her and pay her bills. I will send some pictures and would be happy to go somewhere so you could meet her.
Susan Webb