We need to rehome our sweet, brave, smart 9 week old 1/2 border collie puppy, 1/4 shepherd, 1/4 husky puppy. We thought a puppy would be able to mesh with our existing border collie mix but two weeks in she is not accepting him and we are scared for his safety. I feel like it is better to get him to his forever family while he is a baby rather than in 6 months when they have torn each other apart. This dog never accepted her other housemate that we lost last month. I guess we were stupid for thinking she would accept a puppy. He is such a good puppy. I am heart broken to have to give him up and my kids are beyond devastated but we know its not fair to keep him in a household with a dog that will hurt him. He was born 12-22-2019. He has had his first shots, heart worm and flea control. We live in Georgetown Texas. My phone number is 512-585-8732 and my email is grclapp@yahoo.com We will be very picky about the home he goes to and will be asking $200 for him. You must have experience training dogs and I would prefer someone close to me because i will want to meet any existing dogs and see where he will live.