Rebekah Lemaster South Austin Texas 903-340-2262

Bella a spayed female border collie mix, 2 years old, 38lbs, HW -, house trained

About 3 months ago I found Bella in a situation where she was in need of rescue. I fell in love immediately and decided she would be my responsibility (of course with a lot of help from my husband). We took her to the Vet, got her fully vaccinated and a clean bill of health! We also started working on lots of training and started socializing her with other dogs. Now that she is spayed I think it is time we start the search for her forever home.
Bella is a loving dog who is always happy to see people! She will give you a hug the moment you walk in the door 🙂 Being a border collie mix she does have a good amount of energy, that means she is always ready for fun! Some of her favorite activities include; going for walks/runs/hikes, swimming, playing ball and with her other many toys, wrestling with my cat, all kinds of training such as agility,T touch training canine free style and trick training and going to doggie daycare. Bella is super smart so she would be a perfect fit for anyone in search of a talented dog with lots of potential. When we are not home she relaxes in her kennel with no issues. 

NO young children