#855 Tucker, Male, Adult

My name is Tucker, and my foster mom loves me as she calls my name all the time 😊! I am a handsome golden brown and white Border Collie mix. My foster mom thinks I am mixed with golden retriever, but don’t go by my looks, because looks can trick you. I am very smart and might be naughty —  well, according to my foster mom. Let me explain.

I came with a resource guarding issue, which turned into food aggression as I confused petting with biting attacking. My foster mom has worked hard to teach me that I don’t need to fight for my food, and hands are for love and lots of petting! I like that part. It’s been close to two months now and I haven’t had an incident. Although I am a good boy now, I would benefit from someone who will continue with structure and training, and help me become the very good boy I was born to be!

I am a Border Collie mix, 60lbs, and am very smart and focused. I learn tricks very quickly, now that I know there are lots of rewards for doing tricks correctly. I would be a good running and hiking companion, as I have lots of physical energy. I am a great training candidate for mental stimulation, which I love almost as much as petting — and after discovering petting, I want lots of it! My remaining flaw? I am a counter surfer; but if you teach me boundaries with positive reinforcement, I will follow it.

So here I am — smart, a good companion, and ready to come with you for walks and runs. I do need training to help me remember my lessons, and stay away from those counters. In return I promise to be your bestest boy ever!

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