#581 Razzle, Male, Around a year

Hi, my name is razzle! Some people like to call me razzle dazzle!

Before I ended up at my foster moms house I was in a shelter as a stray. I guess i ran away, I’m not really sure. Anyways, I was so scared I hugged the wall afraid of everything the cold ground, the noise, and the shelter worker. Not only that but I was scared of other dogs and would growl when coming into contact with one. You see once that happened they deamed me as an un- adoptable dog. When my foster mom came to get me I hugged her so tight and loved on her so much. I allowed her to check my ears,teeth, eyes, feet, and body and didnt even growl. The shelter worker told my foster mom that because I showed a little aggression with other dogs I was getting euthanized if she didnt take me.

So my foster mom took me even though she had my two foster siblings waiting for her to come home. The first couple days I barely came out of my cage. I was so scared. My foster mom didnt allow me around my FS for about 3 days. Instead she let me get used to my surroundings and her. Here I am 5 days later and I am loving them! Outside and inside. Oh joy! how I love to play with my foster siblings. She takes the toy then I take it. Shes pretty good at sharing and so am i! She has growled a couple times at me telling me that it’s her turn with the toy and I’ve left her alone. My foster mom says I’m doing amazing with my foster siblings. Even though I do great with my big foster siblings were not sure how well I would be with smaller siblings. So for now my foster mom says I will only do well with bigger siblings.

Within these 5 days I have learned sit and down. I would like to say I’m perfect on walking on the leash but, my foster mom says that I could do better. What can i say? Im BC and I love to hug your leg. But, she does say I’m getting better! Oh we are also learning attention which is coming along great!

My foster mom has tried working on my twirling skills but, I told her I was a border collie NOT a golden retriever! Ha!
Did I mention that I was crate and potty trained!? Not once have I had a accident in my foster moms house!

Last but not least I am a puppy. Well about 9 months to a year old. But, i like to play with everything! This includes shoes, and clothes. It’s not my fault my foster mom leaves her shoes out. Were both learning! Shes learning to pick up after herself and I’m learning that what my foster sister plays with Is the only stuff I can play with!

With all this being said my foster mom says I need some training. It keeps me from getting bored! Not only that but she says with the training I could be the smartestst dog in this big world!

As of right now I get a little scared going into new places. But, shes pretty adamant about me getting out to see that the world is not so bad!

Honestly, I love my hoomans even random hoomans I love to cuddle!

So if you think you could give me a loving home then please fill out that adoption contract! Although I’m loving my foster mom and siblings right now I just want a place to call my own!