#601 Oreo, Female, Two Years Old

My name is Oreo and I am a beautiful 45 pound 2 year old Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix. I’m in search of my special forever family. The shelter placed me on their super urgent emergency list when I started complaining too much about my kennel. Lucky for me, my foster mom stepped up and helped me leave that place! Bye-bye!!!

I’m a good girl. I sleep all night quietly in my kennel and will go in there during the day if needed. I am a high energy dog that will play Frisbee and ball for hours. ALL the hours! And then, I’ll still be willing to play more. I am aware of every noise or happening around me and want to check things out. I tried to tell those shelter people I didn’t like all those noises, remember!?

I am loving and faithful to you once I know you will be kind to me. I love to be near you and will be your best friend. I didn’t know any commands, but I’m smart and eager to please, so I bet I’ll know some soon. I like to go for walks and am learning about leash walking. I also love to play with other dogs but need to learn how to give space when needed.

My ideal family would be active, like me. I need to get my energy out. I make my best decisions when I’m level headed, don’t you? If you are gone from home for work I would do better with a doggy daycare option so that I can play. Did I mention that I love fetch, snuggles, and then some more fetch? Won’t you play with me? Because I’m a bit rambunctious, I tend to be a little unsure of the small hoomans. For now, my best home would be adult-only or one with older children.

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