#731, Male, Puppy

Hi? Hello? Excuse me?! Oh…that’s right, I can’t hear you.
My name is Kermit and I’m a very special type of puppy! I’m what you call a Double Merle. And I am the result of some terrible backyard breeding that allowed 2 merle dogs (in my case, most likely a BC and Catahoula) to breed which can run the risk of every puppy having a 25% chance of being like me!
The reason we don’t want double Merle puppies in the world, though we are cute, is because we can come out with a few different “defects” like being blind or deaf. Though not guaranteed to happen, its more than likely.
In my case I came out deaf and 80-90% blind!
But that doesn’t stop me! I’m smart as a whip my foster mama says! I am learning to potty train, crate train and I love my fur siblings. I’ve learnt to navigate my foster home well (as long as they don’t move a chair or put shoes in my way!)
I’m roughly 13 weeks old, up to date on my puppy vaccinations and just in need of a home who can understand the extra hands on training I’ll need!
Someone who’s home might suit me well but I can also be alone for a few hours at a time (but no apartments please, I don’t realize how loud my cry is!)