#713 Kenai, Male, Adult

Howdy, my name is Kenai the dog with the keen eye!
I am in the search for my forever home…is it you?!
I am a 14 month old purebred Border Collie with a heart of gold!
I enjoy cuddles on the couch (aka pushing you off and taking the whole thing!), long walks down the road and playing in the backyard with my foster siblings!
I get along with all sizes of dogs AND I love cats!
Sometimes I get hangry, food is important to me okay?!
I’m fully house trained and mom lets me out of the crate during the day, I’ve not made a single mess, but one day a cardboard box attacked me so I had to defend myself (so please don’t leave them laying around!)
If you like cuddles, running around outside and need a new friend, you should consider me!
I’m fully vaccinated, fixed and around 55lbs of loooooove!
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