#442, Male , 2 Years Old

Hi, hello, yes its me, JACK! JACK ATTACK (with slobber maybe!)
I am Jack! I am a 2 year old Border Collie mix, coming in at roughly 40lbs and I want to be your new best friend!I am the real deal, I get along with all size dogs and I would love an active playmate (4 legged pleaaaaase!)I am smart too! I know sit, stay, kennel and down. I spend my day in the crate while foster mom works but when she is home we are out chasing squirrels, on walks and general running around like crazy dogs!

I would love some 2 legged siblings too, they make me happy because they have a ton of energy like me! But no cats…foster mom said I treat them like toys and that’s not good!

I am in need of an active family that can give me love and lots of play time. Once its relax time, I like to lay beside you while we watch TV or find the comfiest dog bed and call it home!

I am a good dog, that is what foster mom says and I believe her. I am housebroken, I can walk on a leash, I love people and all the pets and I active for running and playtime but downtime is fun after all the hype and fun.

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