#660 Huck, Male, Under Six Months

I’m your Huckleberry. Say when and I can come live with you and love you forever. I’m a tall drink of water. I am about 16 weeks old, weighing 25 pounds,  I have puppy eyes that will make your soul melt and my ears will always make you laugh. I love to be near my people and I love to be loved. My foster mom even found “the good scratchy spot”. I’m a cuddly kind of guy. Especially when it comes to naps. I’m working hard on potty training and crate training. I hate it but mom says it’s what’s best for me. I love other animals and would do best with another dog in the house. I am submissive and I am easily intimidated. I have a good off switch and I am learning toys and all the funny sounds they can make. Did you know about treats?? Shoootttt- those things are like smelling daisies. I had no idea what treats were until mom gave me a chew bone. I feel like the luckiest pup in the world.

I had a home of my own when I was really young but my dad fell on hard times. He was looking at becoming homeless and he didn’t want that life for me. This really nice lady took me in and fed me really well. The only problem was she had big dogs and they liked to pick on me.. a lot. I know I talk a tuff game but let’s be real. I’m a lover. Not a fighter. She reached out to my now foster mom. The day she picked me up she kissed my head and said “your safe now, I promise “ I don’t know what this feeling is. I instantly became comfortable laying in her arms, the whites in my eyes went away and I took a deep breath. For once I didn’t have to hide or look over my shoulder. The first night was the best nights sleep I’ve ever had. I’m a little confused because I’ve been to so many different homes and I’ve been dealt a bad hand. I am timid. It takes me a few minutes to warm up and show you my Wild West side but give me time and I’ll show you a good time!

I am current on shots, I’m as healthy as a horse and I’m sweet just like ice cream on a hot summer day. I currently live in Cypress TX. Fill out an application to meet me. I’ve love to meet you and then nap. That sounds nice. I’ll see you soon!