#804 Turbo, Male, 1 Year Old

I am Turbo with Gusto!! I am a one year old tall, athletic, handsome Border Collie with a great personality! I am seeking an active, EXPERIENCED partner (or family) who would like to show off my many talents! I think I’m a natural athlete, one who would excel at agility, or lure coursing… or maybe dock diving… oooh, or nose work, that sounds like FUN, or all the things!! They tell me I’ve been neutered, don’t care! I just want to jump, run & play! I love to learn! I like treats! I like to chase.. squirrels, rabbits, toys, if it moves, I’m game. My foster mom is trying to teach me “settle”, not my favorite game, but after I’ve finished running, jumping, learning & playing, “settle” isn’t so bad. I like other dogs! I enjoy playing a lot! I don’t want to be with old grumpy dogs, I want a playmate that likes to play just like me! I would be ok being the only dog if my humans are experienced sport dog folks and want to partner with me to do that! I have great potential as an athlete and my personality certainly leans in that direction. I am highly focused and always ready to move! I have a big personality and need a big space to show off! I wouldn’t be happy in an apartment or a small yard, I’ve got to move! The promise of just daily walks or runs will not be enough for me. I am learning to be comfortable in my crate, but I can’t be in there for hours, did I mention my big personality? I think I was meant for Hollywood! But I would be happy with my people as long as they give me lots of together time having fun. I am happiest with my people, I don’t like being by myself, who would I show off for? As I’m still young, I have a lot to learn, but with time and patience we can become a great team! I think I like kids, but I prefer older kids, so they can play and run with me. No cats, thank you. I have learned some basic “manners” basically I can sit, down, walk on a leash, but I want to learn SO much more!!! I want to know all the things!! I love walks and prefer the stylish harness to a boring collar, big personality, remember? I like car rides and I’m learning to be more “zen”, but I just get so excited! I know my new family will help me learn how to do all the things! I am ready for my new adventure! . I will make a great companion and pet – – but I am also meant to be an athlete and want an experienced partner! Are you ready for me?? Want to work hard and earn lots of awards?