#704 Spryte, Female, 1.5 Years Old

Hi! I’m Spryte, named after the mythical folklore creatures and their playful nature! I am fun, full of energy and will keep you on your toes! I am what my Foster Mom calls a “Border Whippet” which explains my size and stature. Female, spayed, house trained, crate trained (but I need a strong one as I can find a way to get out of those wimpy wire crates…). Other dogs are fun, especially if they like to move FAST. I’ve been known to outrun them and then jump over them as they get close. Did I mention I am a jumping bean and can flat jump over 5′? I’ll need a tall fence to keep me contained. At night I like to sleep on my FM’s feet when she watches TV, and sleep on the bed, always where I can snuggle up. I love belly rubs and ear scratches. I like to wrestle with the other foster dogs, and am too cute with I’m doing the bitey-face thing.

Spryte will need an active home. She does well with older children, she can knock over little ones when she jumps, hugs and kisses. She will not be good with cats, she will chase them, probably not good with chickens either. She does love to run, and would make a good running buddy. She would be an awesome sport dog with some training. Foster home has been working on the basics like house breaking, crate training, socialization. She will need continued leash training (she pulls) would excel in a manners class. She likes to work with a clicker and food. She is active, fun and quirky and smart.

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