#833 Sammy, Male, Adult

Greetings! This is Sammy (aka Sam, aka Samson, aka Samuel, aka Samuel L. Jackson, aka Samsonite)

Sammy is a mid-size male border collie mix from Oklahoma. (He is about five years old and weighs about 45 pounds.) We believe that Sammy lived the first few years of his life chained outside before being taken in by a Good [Sam]aritan.

Probably for this reason, he is scared of men. However, Sammy is not afraid of women or children. He does very well with toddlers through pre-teens, but he has not been exposed to infants. (He has not had extensive socialization outside the home due to COVID.)

Sammy does VERY well in interactions with other dogs here in his foster home. He gets along with boy dogs and girl dogs, big dogs and small dogs, old dogs and young puppies. He would love a home with another canine companion. (He has not yet been tested with cats or other critters.)

Sammy is mostly potty trained, doing ALL of his poops outside and only an occasional pee pee accident inside. He is still learning commands such as “down” and how to walk on a leash. Sammy is already proficient with his use of a doggy door. He is neutered, up-to-date on vaccines, and takes monthly heartworm prevention.

Sammy is going to need someone who can be patient with him, especially if there is a man in the home. He is a bit of a homebody, but enjoys being part of whatever action and activities are happening in the home.