#648 Rogan, Male, Under One Year

Hi I’m Rogan, also known as Rouge, Row, Roe, Wooooe! I’m a super smart Border Collie with more than a ton of potential and talent! I can multitask playing keep away with toys and still herd my group of Border Collie friends!
I am between 6 and 8 months old. I have a beautiful red and white semi smooth coat with some gorgeous waves. The ladies love my green and blue eyes and my pricked ears.
I’ll be neutered once my “jiggle bells” finish dropping… whatever that means? I know Christmas is still a while away so what does momma mean when she says that?
I am very athletic and will do best in a home with a brother or sister I can rough house with. I also would benefit from continued obedience teachings and might excellent at one of the many doggie sports!
I love my foster family and mom. I get to run and play and sleep in my very own room! Momma calls it a crate but I call it my room. All mine and I love it!!
Momma says I should share my short comings too. Who me? I’m awesome!
Momma says I’m better than any shredder or wood chipper! I gotta keep my brain working and if I don’t have anything fun to do, I’m gonna make my own fun and shred whatever I can get my teeth on!
I love to play ball. I’m learning to return it if I want the game to continue. I’m just full on Border Collie Trouble type of fun!
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