#579 Nova, Female, Under Six Months

NOVA is approximately 4 month old, and thought to be a Border Collie mix (probably Lab mix). She is a healthy, happy, energetic little girl! She will be ready to adopt after the middle of February when she gets another round of vaccinations. Her first vet visit indicated a healthy pup with no known issues. Nova LOVES to meet people (LOTS of kisses available upon entering her space!) and absolutely loves other dogs. She plays well and holds her own with her foster sibling who is a fairly intense 40 pound female.
She has been with foster mom for about two weeks and is learning manners very well. Sit (especially for a treat), Come (because she thinks that means she gets attention!), and Crate, (especially following a treat or toy into the crate) have come very easily for her. She’s knows to go potty outside (though she hasn’t always made it, she’s improving). She’s learning to ring a bell to go out. She’s a little mouthy but only to the extent you would expect from a puppy. She’s learning “no bite” and “leave it”. She is called off of unwanted behavior fairly easily. As puppies go – she’s pretty easy. And VERY fun. Energetic!! She’s beginning to sleep through the night now, too! A great dog. Someone will be VERY happy they found this pup!!
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