#333 Jake, Male, Three Years Old

Hi, I’m Jake. Most folks ask if I am related to Jake from State Farm cause of my brindle coloring but my foster dad says I cant go to work with him and that only he can work for State Farm.
I am a catahoula and momma says that means I am just a big goofy baby!  I love going to work with my momma at her office upstairs.  I am super quiet and nap.  Sometimes I even snore!   I love beds, especially your bed!  All I want to do is spoon with you!
I am super at playing ball and fetch!  Plus I love toys!  I will carry my babydoll around the house and take it outside with me.  Then momma takes it away from me cause its dirty and washed it, just when I got it perfectly the way I wanted it.  So as soon as she gives me my babydoll back, I take it back outside with me!
I get along with all dogs and kitties.   I am crate trained and have no problems hanging out until you get home.
I am microchipped and have all my shots so momma says I am ready to find my forever home.  Could you be my new home?