#572 Hope, Female, One Year Old

Hope is approximately 20 months old and is 32 lbs. She is a border collie mix, the vet thinks heeler. She is gorgeous whatever her parents were! She is very athletic. Hope LOVES to run and chase balls. She does not always bring them back, sometimes you have to chase her to get them. Hope has had a rough life so far and is looking for a family who is patient and understanding. She had been in a shelter for 3 months and then in a petsmart adoption center for 3 months. Imagine 3 months in a kennel followed by 3 months in a tiny wall crate! The volunteers there mean well but did not even take her outside to potty. She was forced to potty in her crate and then they would clean it. She took some time but understands she needs to potty outside now! She also went a little “kennel crazy”. She started showing signs of extreme anxiety from being locked in such a small cage as people were all around her. She started spinning in her cage and thrashing against the bars. She is now on Prozac to help with her anxiety. She is distrustful of people when she first meets them but warms up very quickly. She is ok with other dogs but would be best in a home with older dogs and only dogs larger than her. She gets very excited and doesnt know the right way to play just yet but she is learning. No cats. She gets a little over excited about herding them! She is kennel trained and is very good on a leash. She only pulls if she is startled and trying to run from danger (a stranger). For regular walks she walks perfectly! She would do best in a home without a lot of excitement and without lots of foot traffic. She loves kids but I do not feel she would be good with small toddlers. She gets a little excitable and might knock them over. She would be an amazing running buddy. She could run for hours. She needs someone who can continue with training so she can be the best she can be! And most of all she needs someone to love her!
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