#519 Freeway

#519 Freeway, Male, 3 Years Old

12/31/2018 Update:

Freeway has finished all of his surgeries, and there is nothing more to do other than building some strength to support his injured pelvis. He gives it his all during PT with his usual kind demeaner and fortitude that has taken him this far. He will be looking for his forever home in a couple of months. Please read more on Freeway’s journey in his full bio.

Freeway is a male BC, approximately 2-3 years in age that was hit by a car on the side of I-30 in East Texas. Thanks to a good samaritan, who found him on the side of the road, he got to a vet, and this boy is alive today. It was through social networking that BCRR found Freeway and was able to get an initial assessment of his injuries.

This poor boy was in bad shape, and initial x-rays showed a broken pelvis and dislocated hip along with other cuts and road rash. We were able to secure a commitment by Vet Ranch (http://vetranch.org/) to take on Freeway’s case, he was going to need extensive surgery.

During his first surgery to fix his pelvis and hip, another internal injury was found. Freeway spent 26 days in the hospital. He is now in a BCRR foster home and is starting to walk. During all of his care, he has been a gentleman. He is a good natured boy.

He will need extensive rehab post surgery, and will not be available until released by the Vet Ranch Vet. Freeway is a big boy, at close to 50 pounds. He loves attention and tummy rubs. If you are interested in donating to his substantial vet bill, you can donate through the Vet Ranch website or by visiting our Website at http://bcrrt.com/. Please be sure to indicate what your donation is for.

Freeway arriving at Vet Ranch for care: