#519 Freeway, Male, 8 Years Old

Hi! I’m Freeway! I was hit by a car and left on the side of Interstate 30 out by Greenville TX about a year ago. I was in trouble, real trouble. A good Samaritan got me to an emergency vet where I was stabilized. These nice people took me in and got me to a doctor that said she could help me. It was found I had a compound fracture of my pelvis on my right side, broken my hip on the left side, dislocated my left shoulder and had internal injuries. The good folks at Vet Ranch ( and their doctors did what they could, and found an orthopedic vet to try to put together what Vet Ranch could not. I spent almost 3 months in the hospital. Then the real work began. My foster mom (FM) took me to a place where they had me walk in a water treadmill. Man that was a lot of work. Then I was fitted with a device that would help my shoulder heal. I was weak and painful, but kept fighting. FM had homework for me too. Balancing on a disc, walking, stretching. It was another 9 months of this kind of work. Now I am ready for my furever home. I just want someone to love me, take me on easy walks to keep my hips and shoulder strong, and have a nice cushy doggie bed to lay my sore bones on. I do get sore and have some supplements to help that. My FM says I have a “hitch in my git along” when I walk fast or run. I still have some pieces not quite aligned in my broken pelvis, and my hip on the other side is a bit loose. I really need an only dog home. I am nervous around other dogs, and am afraid they will bump into me.
Freeway is a neutered male, around 8 years old and approximately 45 pounds. He is a BC mix with a sweet personality. Hospital and Rehab staff loved him because he does like hugs and give kisses. He is lucky to be alive and it did take a village to get him this far. He will always have pelvis and hip soreness and arthritis. This dog’s desire to live amazed all of us. He motivated US. Although he was in so much pain he was gentle and seemed to know we were trying to help him. He braved through his rehab. He is a survivor and needs someone to give him a comfy home for the rest of his life. He will need to continue to walk to keep up his muscles, and his FM can teach some other simple exercises. This boy deserves a home, one that will love and be devoted to this brave fighter. He does have thunder issues and we are pretty sure that he got out during a storm when he was hit. Keep him in the house with you, and at times he has medication to help his stress. He can get snarly around other dogs that get too close to him, he is very worried about getting bumped or slammed. His injuries and concern around other dogs means he needs an only dog home, or a home with a senior dog.

Freeway arriving at Vet Ranch for care: