#519 Freeway, Male, 8 Years Old

Freeway is a neutered male and is around 8 years old at approximately 45lbs. He is a Border Collie mix with an amazing, sweet and loveable personality… one of a “Gentle Old Soul”. Those were the words out Foster Dads’ mouth when Freeway first arrived at the house. While Freeway’s past is not to be forgotten, it is just that… the past. He is an extremely smart dog and he has quickly picked up on the Foster Family’s daily routine. He loves to ride around in the truck and loves to be around people and will hang out with you following you up and downstairs, around the yard as you do chores and lay at your feet while you read a book… naps are a huge plus for Freeway.

Freeway is not only smart, but he is also incredibly funny as he loves to roll and wiggle around on the ground and will play box with your hands… this dog loves and respects people so he is gentle when he plays. Freeway is an inside dog but loves to go out and play frisbee with BCRRT Alumni Lilo. Well, he watches and sometimes chases her. He’s not toy motivated (probably because Lilo is a toy hog) but loves his belly scratches, ear scratches and will come up for a hug. He has amazing recall and will come running even while he’s in the middle of exploring the pasture from afar.

He goes to massage therapy sessions with his Foster Mum and gets along well with the therapists’ smaller pups. He also occasionally gets in a 30-minute session when FM isn’t looking. Foster Dad has nicknamed him Skippy since he happily runs around the yard skipping along the way (that back hip is still a little wonky). He would probably not be good with cats as he’s gone full throttle chasing the neighbors’ cats as they run to find a place to hide from him. He is great with younger kids, however, they just need to be respectful of his past injuries so older ones would probably be better family members.

Freeway is also not a fan of bigger or active dogs and can be a little grumpy and will snarl at them as he worries that they are going to run or bump into him. That is his way of showing them he needs more space than they are giving him… but he hangs out great with his 25lb foster brother all day long. He has thunder issues (which is probably what got him in trouble to begin with) but giving him some calming treats just before the storm really seems to help as well as an open crate to go hide out in until the storms have passed. He is super gentle around people and asks nicely to stop being massaged or brushed around his back end when he starts to hurt. He will either lick your hand or grab your sleeve with his mouth to get you to stop when he’s had enough. While Freeway needs daily exercise, it is at his own pace… and usually sleeps throughout the day moving from bed to bed trying to stay comfortable. Freeway is lucky to be alive and it did take a village to get him this far. He will always have pelvis and hip soreness and arthritis but this dog’s desire to live amazed everyone. He motivated the entire BCCRT team as well as the nurses and doctors that took such great care of him. Although he was in so much pain he was gentle and seemed to know everyone there were trying to help him. He braved through his rehab. He is a survivor and needs someone to give him a loving and comfy home for the rest of his life.