#675 Birch, Male, Puppy

6 out of 10! Birch! sweet, sassy Birch! Birch is the poser of the family. he is always front of the line, trying to get his photo taken!
Willow was found as a stray that had been seen around the area for a while. A good samaritan took her in and found her to be pregnant! The day before transport to BCRR she gave birth to 10 healthy puppies! It is unknown what the pups are mixed with, however we are guessing they might be a mix of BC/Husky along with maybe another breed. Litters can have up to 3 dads so its a pot luck!
The Willow litter is currently just over 5 weeks old. They will not be available for adoption until a minimum of 8 weeks (The first week of November) but we are accepting applications to allow time to process and pick the best family for each one.
Interested in adopting? Please visit our website to complete an Adoption Application.