#533 Bert, Male, Adult

How are you doin? I am a tall, dark, and handsome pup looking to share a spot on the couch next to someone like you! My name is Bert and I am a fixed, 2 year old male and approximately 60lbs. I came into the Rescue with my littermates and was fortunately enough to follow my brother, Ernie, into my previous home and now and into my foster parents’ care.

But let’s not dwell on the past!

I am a fun loving, easy going guy who thoroughly enjoys taking up space on a couch.

Feet cold? No issue. I’m actually a lap dog. Too big? No, never. Just think of me as a space heater! Full body pillow! Your best companion ever! I am super smart, house trained and crate trained.

If you doubt my border collie heritage, just ask  my sister! She had her DNA done and I am supposedly part dutch shepherd, border collie, lab and more!

I currently reside on the North Eastern side of Dallas and am looking for an assertive dog savvy person willing to teach me some tricks!

I take up some space, so apartment life is not ideal for me. I need a place to really streeeetttch my legs and play with some friends!

My foster parents have not seen how I react with kids, but cats are no issue for me.

I am curious about them and how they smell, but I am much more interested in where they eat their food!

So how’s about it? Can you make room in your heart for a big oaf like me? Fill out an application today!

BCRRT is a Texas based rescue with fosters in TX and OK. Our adoption areas are TX, OK and surrounding states. We do not allow shipping/transport of dogs to other states. If you are interested and would like to apply please visit: and fill out an application form.