Rescue & Rehab: #521 Callie

A Callie update for all of her followers:

It has been 4 weeks since Callie had Ophthalmologic surgery to repair a Ulcer on her Cornea. She wore her cone of shame for 3 weeks and allowed us to treat her with the 4 different eye drops prescribed daily. She is down to 2 prescribed drops a day now, and we take her back to the doctor this month for (hopefully) her last follow up.
She is recovering nicely and is on gentle HW treatment. She likes to go outside with us and walks our country driveway that is 300 feet long. She has some skin issues we are treating with meds and a prescription shampoo. She is very grateful and loving towards our dogs, cats and family. She is arthritic, and we are using natural joint easing supplements, which seem to be helping.
We are very grateful, so thankful to all of you for helping her receive the medical treatment that she so desperately needed.

Do you see that beautiful girl in the photo? That’s 10 year old Callie. She’s one of those dogs that defines the “Rescue & Rehab” in our name.

Callie was surrendered to her local shelter mid-labor. Eighteen hours in Callie had delivered two stillborn puppies. Due to inflammation, she wasn’t able to push out the remaining two puppies. She was struggling, obviously stressed, and in need of an emergency c-section, so her owners dropped her off at the shelter as they couldn’t afford the surgery. BCRRT stepped in, and a c-section was performed to remove the two remaining stillborn puppies. Not only has Callie had to recover from such a tragic loss, but she is Heartworm positive.

Unfortunately for Callie, her story doesn’t stop there. Callie has an eye ulcer we’ve been treating since she was rescued. Without improvement, her vet referred her to a doggy ophthalmologist. Callie has a melting corneal ulcer which has lost 99% of the thickness to that part of the cornea. With two options, BCRRT’s Board discussed and elected to allow Callie to undergo a corneal graft rather than have the eye removed. The graft has a 97% success rate and will restore health and blood flow to her eye. The estimated cost is $2,000-$2,500.

This girl has so much life to live! She is gentle, kind, and longs for human love and attention. We ask for your continued support, prayers, good thoughts, and if you wish to donate to her care, please click the “Donate” button on our home page.