Spot is a Border Collie mix who came to the family from a litter of pups bred by a Border Collie and Kelpie in rural southeast Oklahoma. He has been with his current family since he was 10 weeks old in Tulsa.

Spot is up to date on all of his shots including rabies, DPPV, heartworm negative with heartworm preventative, and he is microchipped

Spot has not had much experience around other dogs and would do well in a home where he is the only dog. He is excellent with smaller children and older children ranging from age 2 and up. He knows how to scale his play to be age appropriate for smaller children. He is a bit more reserved around men and will wait on men to initiate interaction with him prior to opening up.

Spot is house trained and kennel trained. He will probably need extra time to adjust to being in a new home with his potty training. Spot responds well to commands “sit” and “kennel up”.

Spot is not a couch potato. He likes to stay active by chasing bubbles (his favorite), chasing balls. He is inconsistent with fetch as he doesn’t always return the ball but instead will play keep away from you after he “pretends” to return the ball to you. He is very active and entertaining.

Owners contact information: Ashley Seck, Broken Arrow, OK. Phone:903-790-5100 Email: