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Border Collie/Heeler mix
Tanja Joseph
Killeen Texas
Very sweet & cuddly female from the shelter. Great with people, but appears not to like other females. We have a very old Pitbull, Chihuahua and Mixed dog in the house, all females and the Collie is trying to establish rank in the pack by snarling, snapping and staring. She’s probably from a single dog household, appears to be well fed, healthy and happy and we know the behavior comes from insecurity of being in a new environment and being in the shelter will do a number on anyone, but it would be better for her and the other dogs if she could find a home where she could be the center of all attention or maybe with a smaller dog, so she wouldn’t feel the need to challenge. She listens great, sits, follows and is a joy to be around, she cuddles right in to you, the only thing is she doesn’t know what to do with other dogs. She’s wonderful with my 8 year old daughter!!! The local shelter only gives 5 days for a dog to adjust to a new home, which is definately not long enough!
I would love to rehome her instead of having to return her to a shelter, that’s why I am reaching out to rescues. She’d make an awesome little buddy for kids or someone who needs a good friend. Thank you for looking at her and it would be wonderful to get her settled into a comfortable home!