Midnight is a super cute super sweet border collie mix. She is approximately almost 2 years old. I adopted her from a local shelter 6/24 of last year and they said she was about a year old. They said she was found as a stray. When we first got her we noticed that she was very skittish and weary of almost everything, men in particular, especially black men. She was 100% house trained so I know she could not have possibly been a stray her whole life. However, like I said her skittishness is a big issue. She is very comfortable around me and my daughter because she has gotten to know us very well but her fear and anxiety still play a major role when we try to take her places. She will cower and pull her leash and even pee on herself due to fear of unfamiliar surroundings. She has gotten a lot better over the last 10 months that we have had her however it’s just too much for me and my daughter to handle and I would like to try and find her a new home with someone that can handle her issues and have enough time to spend with her. We live in an apartment so going outside for walks can be very difficult sometimes because she comes into contact with lots of people and that freaks her out. If she does not want to go where you want her to she will literally shut down and just lay down and force you to pick her up. I’ve tried calmly talking to her or treats to coax her and I can’t figure out how to fix her issues. She is quite protective when new people come into the home. She will bark and growl until she’s assured the person is not a threat. She has never bitten anyone, except for me and my daughter, which are just playful nips during playtime. Sometimes though she does get a little rough and will jump and accidentally scratch you with her nails, or nip a bit hard. Overall she’s a sweetheart when she knows you. She loves to be around her people and would do best in a household with only women or with a white male. She loves playing with other dogs so if you have a companion for her and a large yard for her to run in that would be great because she has a ton of energy. I just want to see her live a happy life with someone who can handle her fear and anxiety. I hate to just take her back to a shelter where she would most likely be euthanized. There will be a small re-homing fee of 50$ because I want to make sure the person who takes her has good intentions for her and will give her a happy life. Current on rabies vaccine and is spayed. If interested you can reach me at lisamarie.makowski@icloud.com. We are located in Lewisville, Tx