Libby, Five Years Old – Courtesy Posting

Libby is a super-sweet, Border Collie mix.
You couldn’t love on this girl enough, she’ll cuddle with you to your hearts content.
She’s 5 years old, we’ve had her 4 years since she was a young girl. She’s been great with our kids (then 3 and 7).
She’s crate, house trained and knows a few commands (sit, go to bed, go potty, leave!, and walks nicely on a leash without too much ‘heel’). She’s a great watch dog (not a guard dog) and will bark if people come to the door.
A perfect day for Libby is… a cuddle, breakfast! Chase some squirrels, cuddles, some squirrel chasing or playing with her doggy sistas, and a stroke or several while you watch TV in the evening.
Libby is up to date on all her vaccinations, she’s chipped, her teeth are in great shape, she is spayed.

What wouldn’t work for Libby : a home without a yard, a home with a cat (she might be ok, but we’ve noticed on walks that she wants to chase them!) . She herds our small dogs, and has started to exert her Alphabitch tendencies as they’ve aged (15 yo miniature breeds) but plays well with our friends and family’s larger dogs.

Why we need to find her a new home.. we move to California in 2 weeks, and will be in a smaller apartment without much (if any yard) and no squirrels. We think Libby needs a family with a yard or space to stretch her legs.

Nick and Suzy
Fort Worth, TX 76133
Phone Number: (424) 215-1827